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Grace Outreach offers high quality High School Equivalency Diploma preparation, as well as comprehensive college, training and employment assistance.

Tuition Free

Our program is tuition free. If admitted, students are required to pay a registration fee which also includes the purchase of the standard exam-mandated calculator at a total cost of $40.

There is also a return fee of $25 for students returning to the program

Excellent Teachers & Academic Focus

Our approach is designed to help move HSE Diploma Prep students towards earning their diploma as soon as possible. We have a successful, proven approach for students who require only a few weeks of intensive study, and an equally effective approach for women who require a year or more to earn their HSE Diplomas.

Once you call us, here’s what you can expect:

Step One: Assessment

Placement tests are given approximately once a month between September and May. This half-day exam assesses prospective students in reading, science, social studies and math. Students also complete a writing sample, and are placed in an appropriate class based on their test results.

Step Two: Placement

Unlike other GED programs, students attending Grace Outreach are placed with peers at their academic level, in order to offer more personalized instruction. We offer each student one of three levels of generalized classes, as well as subject-specific courses. Since some students only need a few weeks to complete the program and others require more time, each track also determines the duration of your individualized program.

Step Three: Classes

Think of Grace Outreach as a job. The same expectations apply: be on time, come prepared and give it your all. Classes are held Monday through Friday, from 8:45am until 2:30pm. Our gifted instructors and tutors are here to give you the personalized attention you need. If you apply yourself, with our help, you will succeed.

Step Four: Homework

Yes, there will be homework, and you will be expected to complete it each day. Grace Outreach employs, an online tutorial program customized for Grace Outreach students, to help them study at home.

Step Five: Take the Test

When you’re ready, Grace Outreach will help you register for your GED exam. The GED is a national examination offered by New York State in English, Spanish and French. The test takes about seven hours to complete and tests your proficiency in five subject areas: Language Arts – Writing, Social Studies, Science, Language Arts – Reading and Mathematics. Each subject area test is scored on a scale of 200 to 800; scorers of at least 410 on each subject test and an average standard score of 450 earn a GED.

Step Six: Graduation

Come to our graduation ceremony in June to celebrate your great achievement with family, friends, teachers, tutors and the staff.

Step Seven: Moving On

For some, the GED is the means to greater opportunities at their current workplace. But for most, earning a GED means the ability to apply to college, or enter the workforce for the first time. Learn how Grace Outreach can help you prepare for the next exciting step in your life’s advancement.

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from our students

"Grace Outreach means a lot. What attracted me was seeing so many good reviews about it. They helped me while I was pregnant to get my GED. They’re very cooperative with you and very patient and very good teachers." Tian Mobio

Grace by the Numbers

GO began the 2010-2011 school year with 124 registered students, a record for September enrollments.